Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

What is Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis is very common. The conjunctiva is the membrane forming the moist lining of the eyelids. It is more exposed to the exterior environment than any other part of the body and therefore open to more microorganisms than any other membrane in the body. There is also a thin layer of conjunctiva covering the surface of the cornea. If it becomes infected, conjunctivitis is the result.

Pink eye can be infectious or a result of allergies and/or irritation.

If there is an infection, it generally starts in one eye and easily spreads to the other eye. Red, irritated eyes result that go away in three days to a week. If the symptoms last longer than that you should see your eye doctor. This is important because if the infection enters the cornea (the transparent surface of the eyeball) little cloudy areas can develop that may harm your vision.