AcuVision Junior Program

What is the AcuVision Junior Program?

AcuVision Jr is relatively new program developed by Dr. Rosenfarb that tailors treatment to the specific needs and sensitivities for young children who 12 and under and dealing with conditions like:

AcuVision Jr. program used non-invasive needle-free treatment methods. As children mature and become more accepting of acupuncture needle-therapy we may gradually introduce that as long as the needling is well-received by the child. In our experience some children begin to get comfortable with needles around the age of 8-10. We never force needles on any child and the non-invasive modalities get measurable results in most cases.

Young children who are not able to do vision testing, we rely on testing from conventional eye doctors as well as parental feedback as the child becomes more independent, speed and confidence increases with visual tasks and the child becomes more self-guided. It’s truly an amazing process to watch.

Why don’t children need needles?

It’s been our experience that before puberty, most kids are highly responsive to these kinds of needle-free forms of stimulation. They respond fast with less stimulus than adults.

Dr. Rosenfarb has worked with hundreds of children of all ages from around the world improve and preserve their vision. As a parent of three boys, Dr. Rosenfarb is very sensitive to the need for parents to do what they can to help their children in a safe, effective and makes the who process a fun experience for everyone.