Acu-Laser Therapy

What is Acu-Laser Therapy?

Acu-Laser Therapy is an innovative new treatment system that offers precise, low-lever laser stimulation of acupuncture points around the eyes. It’s a painless, needle-free treatment used to “charge” the weakened cells of the eye with photon energy. This energy can have the following effects:

  • Increase Nerve Activity & Conduction
  • Increased cellular ATP production
  • Increased circulation
  • Cellular Detoxification
  • Neuro Stimulation & Neuro-Regeneration
  • Tissue Regeneration
  • Optimized Cellular Metabolism
Dr. Rosenfarb’s unique Acu-Laser therapy system is a highly effective way to help manage degenerative vision loss in cases of Macular Degeneration, Retinits Pigmentosa (and Usher’s Syndrome), Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinal Occlusions, Optic Nerve Atrophy, Stargardt’s, Retinal Detachments and Ischemic Retinopathies. Acu-Laser therapy for vision can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can be integrated with Dr. Rosenfarb Micro Acupuncture treatment. Acu-Laser is perfect for people who are uncomfortable with needles and would prefer a less invasive, pain free way to help manage their eye condition.

How Acu-Laser Therapy is done

Dr. Rosenfarb uses the most cutting-edge progressive laser therapy devices available: RJ Laser Needle Acupuncture System, (made in Germany) has been making lasers for over 20 years and Dr. Rosenfarb is one of the first medical professionals in the US to be using this unique technology.

This device allows the doctor to perform painless acupuncture treatments without using traditional needles. Up to 12 acupuncture diodes are taped flat on to “acupoints”, with nothing piercing the skin. Treatment are completely painless and last from 5-20 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acu-Laser Therapy

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

The monochromatic coherent and polarized characteristics of the therapeutic light beam permit penetration of deep tissues without negatively affecting normal cells. Any contraindications to treatment, risks or side effects are discussed individually with each patient to facilitate informed consent. Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions and other therapeutic options, laser therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive. In short, it is safe and effective.

Is Laser Therapy Effective?

Over 2,500 scientific clinical studies worldwide have proven the success of therapeutic lasers in the healing of neural muscular-skeletal conditions. Efficacy rates in excess of 90% are routinely achieved in a relatively short number of treatments.

Acu-Laser therapy has already proven to improve blood flow to the eyes. German researchers have done studies on people with healthy vision and observed a clear physiological response. Dr.Rosenfarb collaborated with these German colleagues and designed a protocol for to treat people with degenerative eye conditions including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Retinits Pigmentosa, optic nerve atrophy, Usher’s Syndrome, Stargardt’s, Diabetic retinopathy, etc.. IN the fall of 2012 Dr. Rosenfarb did a clinical project in which 25 volunteers with varying eye conditions were treated. The success rate was overwhelming and clear measureable benefits were achieved. The report of the results of this study are available on our website

For eye conditions, German research has proven that specific frequencies and illumination time can increase blood flow to the eyes. Since most degenerative eye diseases are the results of progressive decreased micro-circulation to the eye, Acu-Laser can be tremendously beneficial for certain eye conditions. Dr. Rosenfarb has created a unique and proprietary method for using specific frequencies for certain eye conditions.